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Product Development

Washi Mill has a dedicated R&D department who follows the market and industry trends.

We update your product portfolio with popular stars or fashion color that is trending in the global market. You can tap into any rising trend that can lead to high-profit margins.

Design Review

We have designers who can offer professional advice on your design or improve certain aspects of your concept to help achieve any business goals.

With over 300 kinds of original patterns made by our designers, we can help you create an impact on your target market with our design review service.

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prototype or sample of washi tapes


You can request for a prototype or sample of our washi tapes that we provide for free. We have more than 100 pieces of foil card to be sent, showing you our production techniques.

Our prototype can help you decide on which washi tapes to pursue and reduce the probability of production error.

Efficient Manufacturing

We have a streamlined production of washi tapes and we ensure they are in excellent condition before shipping them out.

Our manufacture efficiency enables us to complete orders an average of 10 to 15 days, which is faster than our competitors. You can enjoy a short lead-time on large volume orders with our speed.

streamlined production of washi tape
custom packaging of washi tape

Custom Packaging

All of our washi tapes can come with its own custom packaging. We have a workshop that creates attractive or functional packages such as decorative cardboard boxes, plastic with cardboard labels, cardboard boxes with window, and much more. The attractive packaging is sure to drive your sales figures.

follow up orders

Orders Follow-Up

Our customer department regularly updates you on where your orders are at each step and provide you with photos of your washi tapes.

Besides, we can also answer inquiries in a timely manner through WhatsApp or email.

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