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Usually used for decoration on making special cards, our die cut washi tapes come with two styles, including die cutting on edge with irregular shape and the one that hollows out in side. Standard Japanese paper is used to make the first style, while thicker paper is for the second.

Make your design come alive and increase brand awareness with our quality die cut washi tape. Inquire about our customization options today!


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Outstanding Features of Washi Mill's Die Cut Washi Tape

  • Repeated Adhesive Use

    With the moderate adhesive viscosity, our die-cut washi tape is reusable.

  • Clean Removal

    Anyone can easily remove our die-cut washi tape without leaving any residue.

  • Acid Free Characteristics

    We utilize an acid-free formula for our die-cut washi tape adhesive.

  • Writable

    The die-cut washi tape patterns can accommodate ink or graphite.

  • High Toughness

    All of our die-cut washi is incredibly tough thanks to its material.

Every Die Cut Is Perfectly in Place

Our experienced team utilizes advance die-cut machines to create finely crafted die cut washi tapes. We can also achieve full-spectrum colored prints on the tapes to bring any design to life. The accuracy and precision of our team enable us to create die-cut washi tape with your specifications.


Your Benefits

  • Superb Quality

    Our manufacturing team follows a strict quality control process to ensure all die-cut washi tapes meet your expectations.

  • Advanced Facilities

    We have an ISO9001 certified plant equipped with innovative printing and cutting machines for our tapes.

  • Multiple Choices

    With diverse cutting and printing techniques, we offer numerous choices of die-cut washi tapes.

  • Seasoned Engineers

    Our engineers can perform accurate die cut washi tapes because of our mastery with advanced cutting machines.

  • Favorable Wholesale Price

    All of our clients gain a competitive edge with our wholesale prices on high-quality die-cut washi tapes.

  • Shorter Lead Time

    Our streamline production allow for short lead-time of die-cut washi tape orders.

Diverse Applications

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