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Achieve a shiny speckled layer with our glitter washi tape that consists of fine shimmering particles on its surface. The glitter does not fall off our tape and feels comfortable than other tapes that feel rough and gritty. Our comprehensive ODM/OEM services include different sizes, lengths, designs, colors, and accessories to satisfy any business needs.

The diverse custom options of glitter washi tapes and after-sale service can drive brand awareness among different target markets. Contact our team today!

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Outstanding Features of Washi Mill's Glitter Washi Tape

  • Moderate Viscosity

    The viscosity of our glitter washi tape allows for easy removal and reapplication.

  • Ecofriendly Material

    All of our glitter washi tapes only use biodegradable paper and materials.

  • Water-Resistant Capability

    The structural integrity of our glitter washi tape can handle water droplets.

  • Writable

    It is possible to write or draw anything on our glitter washi type.

  • High Toughness

    Each glitter washi tape has considerable durability and bendability.

Glittery Textured Finish for Extra Wow

Our glitter washi tape has a textured finish surface that creates a sparkling effect. We utilize quick sandy and slanting washi tapes to achieve a fine and delicate surface that is not too rough to the touch. Draw different demographics with the attractive look of our tape.

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Your Benefits

  • Creative Technology

    Our research and development are updated on the latest creative technology to your best benefits.

  • Low-Volume Orders

    Avoid the stock pressure and save on inventory cost with our reasonable low-volume order requirement.

  • Premium Raw Material

    We only source our washi paper and ink are from credible and certified suppliers who have been our long-time partners

  • Dedicated Team

    Our qualified and experienced team is dedicated to meeting your expectations for high-performance and attractive glitter washi tape.

  • Competitive Price

    By minimizing wastage and streamlining our production, we can provide you with top-grade glitter washi tape at competitive prices.

  • On-Time Delivery

    The steady supply of more than a million washi paper in our storage accelerates our production speed for a short-lead time.

Diverse Applications

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