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As the name suggests, clear tape has a transparent surface that makes them suitable for journals or planners. Unique finish blends into most wrapping papers. We can include printed graphics, foil materials, or glitter coating.

Useful for both decorative and utility purposes, our affordable and customizable clear tape can elevate any business’ standing in your target market. Contact our sales team to receive a free quote today!

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    CMYK Print Clear Transparent Tape For Scrapbook
    Custom Print BTS Clear Transparent Tape For School
    Custom Print Clear Transparent Tape For School Supplies
    Custom Print Clear Transparent Tape For School Supplies
  • Custom Print Food Transparent Clear Tape
    Custom Print Bird Clear Transparent Tape For School Supplies
    Custom Print Bag Pattern Clear Stationery Tape
  • Custom Foiled Overlap Clear Tape For Planner
    Custom Hologram Foiled Overlap Clear Planner Tape
    Custom Hologram Foiled Overlap Clear Tape for Planner
    Custom Rainbow Foiled Overlap Clear Tape for Planner
    Custom Hologram Silver Foiled Overlap Tape For Planner
    Custom Hologram Silver Foil Overlap Flamingo Planner Tape
    Custom Rose Gold Foiled Overlap Tape
    Custom Wide Silver Foil Clear Tape
  • Custom Print Foil Overlap Tape
    Custom Print Foil Overlap Transparent Tape

    Outstanding Features of Washi Mill's Clear Tape

    • Anti-static

      By preventing the buildup of static, our clear tape will not cling to any finger.

    • Grease Resistance

      Oily substances such as grease do not stick to our clear tape.

    • Water-Resistant Capability

      Our clear tapes’ adhesive capabilities are not deterred by moisture.

    • Remarkable Tensile strength

      We utilize quality materials to give our clear tapes of high tensile strength.

    • Strong Adhesive

      All of our clear tapes sticks tightly to any surface with its strong adhesive.

    Not Just Ordinary Clear Tape We Make It With Complex Printing & Finish Techniques.

    Apart from having a transparent surface, we can incorporate complex printing and finish techniques to our clear tapes. The additional custom options open the door to many decorative uses that your target demographic will appreciate. With our versatile ODM/OEM services, any businesses can diversify your target markets.

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    Your Benefits

    • Precise Customization

      The experience of our production team guarantees that we accurately manufacture clear tapes with your specifications.

    • Low MOQ

      Our MOQ policy allows any business to buy only a few clear tapes to meet rising demands for specific periods.

    • Advanced Production Equipment

      Precision and speed of our clear tape manufacturing capabilities are top-grade thanks to our advanced production equipment.

    • Knowledgeable Team

      We have qualified personnel who have comprehensive knowledge of creating amazing prints and designs with our clear tapes.

    • Orders Follow-Up

      Get the latest updates on your orders by contacting our responsive customer department who can also answer your inquiries.

    • Shorter Lead Time

      We have a wide warehouse space full of more than 100 different models of clear tape we can immediately ship.

    Diverse Applications

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