Custom Washi Tape, Done.

Washi Mill's full customization guarantees what you get caters to the market needs. Our seasoned team will work with you throughout the process and look over every detail.

Learn how you can customize your washi tape and select from our assortment of custom options below and learn how we make customized washi tape for YOUR brand.

washi tape in different widths


The width of 15mm is the most popular among our clients. However, we do not just provide a one-size width. Instead, we specialize in skinny, medium & wide washi tapes with the width ranging from 3mm to 295mm for your choice.


Custom washi tapes are available at any length from 1m to 10m.

washi tape in different lengths


  • CMYK Printing

    CMYK Printing

    For printing colorful washi tape without cost too much, there would be no better choice than CMYK printing.

  • Pantone Printing

    Pantone Printing

    Logos like Starbucks with less than 4 Pantone colors in one plate are suggested to use Pantone printing.

  • Digital Printing

    Digital Printing

    Need to get washi tapes with no-repeat patterns as long as 50 meters? The digital printing is the right one for you.

  • washi tape in different finishes
  • washi tape in different finishes
  • glitter washi tape
  • foil washi tape


Want to add texture or extra shine to your print washi tape? Get creative with special finishes like foil and glitter.

Deciding on what finish is right for your project may not be easy due to the variety of choices to choose from. Washi Mill has the patience and professionalism needed to help you decide.

Our experienced team will supply you with samples, give you detailed advice or direction, and guide you to the perfect finishing based upon the design you submit.

Finish Options

  • Print & Foil
  • Solid Foil
  • Print & Glitter
  • Foil & Glitter
  • Print & Foil & Glitter
  • Special Ink


Custom packaging gets noticed and remembered and differentiate you from the competition.

At Washi Mill, our specialists can give your packaging advice based on your budget, brand identity and target customers.

  • s07 img1 1

    Head Card Packing

  • s07 img2 1

    Paper box with Header

  • s07 img3 1

    Mount Card Packing

  • s07 img4 1

    Paper box with Window

  • s07 img5 1

    Plastic Cylinder Packing

  • s07 img6 1

    PDQ Packing

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