Finest Material

  • washi tape

    Washi Paper

    We only source Japanese paper from reputable importers. Prints on such paper are more saturated, have even colors, and the graphics appear clearer.

  • print ink

    Print Ink

    The inks we utilize are sourced from reputable Japanese companies. We can achieve high definition shapes, patterns, and graphics with the top-grade ink material.

  • Membrane Material

    Membrane Material

    All foil material incorporated to our washi tapes is made in house, and have 100+ color options for your different needs (standard gold and silver foil/ hologram siver/ rose gold/ champagne gold, etc), guaranteeing the quality of foil and make it do not peef off.

Our State-Of-The-Art Equipment

  • Printing Machines
  • Foiling Machines
  • White Ink Printing Machines
  • Rewinding Machines
  • Cutting Machines
  • a worker is using the printing machine

    Unlike the traditional printing machinery, our leading-edge digital printing machines allow for high speed, premium quality, together with exact volume ordering.

  • a worker is using the foil machine

    Foiling is a great way to apply metallic designs to your custom washi tapes. Within minutes, you can see a touch of glamour is added to your craft projects with the machine.

  • a worker is using the white ink printing machine

    An exceptional shimmering effect can take your designs to a new level of creativity with our white ink printing equipment. Be sure to catch the eye with a clean and shining finish.

  • a worker is using the rewinding machine

    Ruggedly constructed and precisely designed, our rewinding machine can rewind the exact lengths of rolls to meet your market needs.

  • a worker is using the cutting machine

    With full automatic & electronic precise cutting, it is easy to adjust the tape to a specific width to suit your application.

Everyday In-Process Quality Control

Quality control of our washi tapes is important for your business success.

Our QC process involves regular patrol inspections during the production process to ensure the printing effect is accurate or if there is any dirt on our washi tapes.

Through our strict standards, all washi tapes allow you to build customer trust.

Everyday In Process Quality Control

Full Inspection Before Shipment

To make sure each washi tapes are in excellent condition when they reach your room, we perform a full inspection before shipment.

Any defective products are placed in red boxes and discarded. Upon passing all aspects, our tapes get a QC pass stamped before we seal the case.

Ensuring all orders have the right appearance, tackiness, and biodegradable factor can help businesses meet any customers’ strict requirements.

a worker does full inspection on washi tape before shipment

Four Important Aspects We Check For the Finished Washi Tapes

  • aesthetics icon


    The washi tapes have an appealing appearance with no defect.

  • function icon


    Adhesive strength of our
    washi tapes meet our strict standards.

  • innovation icon


    The foil material or glitter substance should stick to our washi tapes.

  • sustainability icon


    All of our washi tapes can be
    reused as a sustainable resource.

Lab Testing Expertise

Washi Mill laboratories offer a wide range of tests for washi tape, allowing you to identify any defects and hazards before your product reaches the consumer.

  • a worker is using the peel strength tester

    Peel Strength Tester

  • a worker is using the viscometer


  • a worker is using the industrial oven

    Industrial Oven

Patent Certificate

Our patent certificate protects our intellectual property for innovative washi tape that can boost any business market standings.

  • certificate report
  • certificate report
  • certificate report
  • certificate report
  • certificate report
  • certificate report

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