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Our foil washi tapes are popular decorative tapes among EU and US markets because of its bling-bling shine factor. What makes our tape standout is how the foil material is embedded in the tape and will not fall off thanks to our complex manufacturing technique. We also have more than 100 foil color options to pick from.

With the many custom options of our foil washi tapes, you can achieve nearly any decorative, labeling, or branding purposes. Receive a free quote today!

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Outstanding Features of Washi Mill's Foil Washi Tape

  • Reusable Function

    The low-tack adhesive allows for easy removal and reapplication when needed.

  • Clean Tear

    Without any scissors or tools, our foil washi tape can be torn with minimum effort.

  • Eco Friendly

    Our foil Washi tapes are made with biodegradable material that is biodegradable.

  • Waterproof

    Our foil washi tapes feature better water resistance performance and are not affected by moisture.

  • Durable Strengt

    The strip material of our foil washi tape is significantly durable against stretching.

Striking Display of Shimmer & Shine

Our foil washi tapes add a shiny and shimmering texture to any objects, giving boxes, packages, books, or mirrors a luxurious look as if it is encased in decorative metals. With more than 100 different foil colors, you can achieve nearly any shimmering ideas.

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Your Benefits

  • Non Stop Innovation

    We have a research team that has developed hundreds of foil films and continue to develop more.

  • Free Sampl

    More than 100 kinds of foil film prototypes can be pictured or sent to you by request for free.

  • No Minimum Order

    We have a friendly zero MOQ policy enabling you to test new foil washi tapes in your target market.

  • Well-equipped Manufacturing Facility

    Our ISO9001 factory has the equipment to combine print washi tape and foil material efficiently.

  • Responsive Support

    Expect our customer department to answer product questions and general inquiries as fast as possible.

  • Exceptional Value

    We can provide a one-stop-shop service by including packaging and paper tape cut down on costs.

Diverse Applications

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