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Reliable Overlap Washi Tape Manufacturer

Our overlap washi tape is similar to a roll of sticker that can be peeled and applied to any object easily. To satisfy any decorative or label needs, we can manufacture our overlap washi tapes with different sizes, lengths, prints, finish, and much more. You can also choose different packages such as blister boxes and shrink wraps.

Make a bold statement with our overlap washi tape to invite high return purchases. Contact our sales team for a free quote today!


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    Custom Print Overlap Sticker Washi Tape
  • Custom Print Carton Shape Washi Sticker Roll
    Custom Print Washi Sticker Roll
    Custom Overlap Print Foil Washi Tape
    Custom Heat Shape Print Overlap Sticker Washi Roll

Outstanding Features of Washi Mill's Overlap Washi Tape

  • Super Durability

    The tough tensile strength of our raw material gives the tape incredible durability.

  • Gentle Adhesive

    Remove the individual pieces from our overlap washi tape easily with its subtle adhesive

  • Waterproof

    Moisture barely has any effect on the adhesive strength of our overlap washi tape.

  • Writable

    Ink or graphite allows for writing on the surface of our overlap washi tape.

  • RoHS-Certified

    Our overlap washi tapes are RoHS-certified to free of any dangerous substance.

Peel Each Piece from the Roll Just Like Using a Sticker

Washi Mill overlap washi tape consists of graphical stickers that anyone can remove one or more at a time. We cut out Japanese craft masking tape, print any graphics on the surface, and stick the individual pieces into rolls. The interesting sticker format of our overlap washi tape can drive referrals.

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Your Benefits

  • Complete Customization

    From tape length & width to custom printed finish options, we provide comprehensive customization service to elevate your brand.

  • Friendly MOQ

    We make it easy for businesses to have the latest overlap washi tapes at a reasonable MOQ amount.

  • In-house Quality Control System

    The thorough quality control system of our manufacturing floor guarantees your overlap washi tapes are in excellent condition.

  • Instant Response

    We have a responsive customer department team that can instantly answer product questions or general inquiries.

  • Great Price

    We surrender parts of the profits to the wholesale for large volume orders and investigate to ensure you receive a positive gain.

  • Prompt Delivery

    With the precision of our machinery and stable relationship with several logistic companies, we can deliver orders quickly.

Diverse Applications

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