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What We Offer

Benefits You Can Find In Washi Mill

  • Professional Customized Solution

  • Factory Price & Low MOQ

  • Excellent Customer Services

  • Short Lead Time

  • Up-to-date Products

  • Consistent Quality

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Different Options of Customizable Washi Tape

One place to get your custom washi tapes. In different sizes, printing, finish & packaging.

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The width of 15mm is the most popular among our clients. However, we do not just provide a one-size width. Instead, we specialize in skinny, medium & wide washi tapes with the width ranging from 3mm to 295mm for your choice.


Custom washi tapes are available at any length from 1m to 10m.

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    CMYK Printing

    For printing colorful washi tape without cost too much, there would be no better choice than CMYK printing.

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    Pantone Printing

    Logos like Starbucks with less than 4 Pantone colors in one plate are suggested to use Pantone printing.

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    Digital Printing

    Need to get washi tapes with no-repeat patterns as long as 50 meters? The digital printing is the right one for you.

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Want to add texture or extra shine to your print washi tape? Get creative with special finishes like foil and glitter.

Deciding on what finish is right for your project may not be easy due to the variety of choices to choose from. Washi Mill has the patience and professionalism needed to help you decide.

Our experienced team will supply you with samples, give you detailed advice or direction, and guide you to the perfect finishing based upon the design you submit.

Finish Options

  • Print & Foil
  • Solid Foil
  • Print & Glitter
  • Foil & Glitter
  • Print & Foil & Glitter
  • Special Ink


Custom packaging gets noticed and remembered and differentiates you from the competition.

At Washi Mill, our specialists can give you packaging advice based on your budget, brand identity and target customers.

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    CMYK Printing

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    Pantone Printing

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    Digital Printing

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    CMYK Printing

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    Pantone Printing

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    Digital Printing

Outstanding Features

  • Repositional Use

    Our tapes have a low-tack adhesive that allows for clean removal.

  • Easy To Tear

    Anyone can easily tear our tapes with just their fingers and without any tools.

  • Water Resistance

    The adhesive quality of our tapes can withstand moisture or small water sprays.

  • Writable

    All of our print washi tapes has a writable surface for pens or pencils.

  • High Toughness

    Our tapes have a superior tensile strength hard to break longitudinally.

Not Your Average Manufacturer

  • 13,000 m2

    Factory Area

  • 30+

    Automatic Machines

  • 3

    Factory Area

  • 1.41M

    Washi Tape Produced / Month

  • 100+

    Skillful Workers

  • 8


Our State-Of-The-Art Equipment

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Unlike the traditional printing machinery, our leading-edge digital printing machines allow for high speed, premium quality, together with exact volume ordering.

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Foiling is a great way to apply metallic designs to your custom washi tapes. Within minutes, you can see a touch of glamour is added to your craft projects with the machine.

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An exceptional shimmering effect can take your designs to a new level of creativity with our white ink printing equipment. Be sure to catch the eye with a clean and shining finish.

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Ruggedly constructed and precisely designed, our rewinding machine can rewind the exact lengths of rolls to meet your market needs.

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With full automatic & electronic precise cutting, it is easy to adjust the tape to a specific width to suit your application.

  • Printing Machines
  • Foiling Machines
  • Whie Ink Printing Machines
  • Rewinding Machines
  • Cutting Machines

Full Inspection Before Shipment

To make sure each washi tapes are in excellent condition when they reach your room, we perform a full inspection before shipment.

Any defective products are placed in red boxes and discarded. Upon passing all aspects, our tapes get a QC pass stamped before we seal the case.

Ensuring all orders have the right appearance, tackiness, and biodegradable factor can help businesses meet any customers’ strict requirements.

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Four Important Aspects We Check For the Finished Washi Tapes

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    The washi tapes have an appealing appearance with no defect.

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    Adhesive strength of our
    washi tapes meet our strict standards.

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    The foil material or glitter substance should stick to our washi tapes.

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    All of our washi tapes can be
    reused as a sustainable resource.

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Diverse Applications

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  • washi tape
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Patent Certificate

Our patent certificate protects our intellectual property for innovative washi tape that can boost any business market standings.

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See What Our Valuable Clients Say About Us

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    Always a pleasure to work with Any and XF Tape, they do great work and are incredibly helpful!

    ——From Faith Wipperman, United States

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    Extremely fast and helpful service. Great attention to detail. The products arrive quickly and are of an excellent quality. A fantastic option for hobbyist individual artists or large-scale companies!

    ——From Xinhang Li,Australia

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    Great service! Super kind manufacturer! Answering requests very fast, even on weekends! Fast delivery! Thank you!

    ——From Luisa Ciminera,Switzerland

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    ——From JP shopper,Japan

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    My company needs a specific label to help with our customers. Washi Mill answered our needs with their extensive ODM options.

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    The product is gorgeous and the whole ordering process was very smooth and easy.

    ——From Phoenix Fae Studios,United States

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    I got some custom washi tape made with this company. It was very easy, affordable, and the print quality is great. They're very friendly, speak excellent English, and reply quickly. Will order from them again. :)

    ——From Eli Jacobs, Canada

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    Super awesome service and also good product. received earlier than said. Thank you Nancy for help!!

    ——From Elaine Teo, Singapore

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    Gorgeous print on these tapes! They came quickly and in perfect condition, with a few extra glitter samples as well. I love them and I'll definitely be back!

    ——From April Hatle,Canada

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